Monday, October 25, 2010

First excursions by Sheba!

The latest map of locations of the two juveniles fitted with satellite transmitters is above. The yellow track is Sheba's, the second juvenile we tagged on Fahal. There are two "high quality" locations marked on the map, indication that just today Sheba went on her first short excursions over the sea!... maybe her first attempt at hunting together with adult falcons. Sinbad still stays around Fahal; he seems to like the security of having terra firma underneath his wings, but he is also making short excursions around Fahal. Soon there might be the first locations on their way to Africa...


  1. Excellent work both of you - especially since done in your spare time. Great to see the birds' movements, even if they are slightly inaccurate - as you say once the extent of their movements also includes much of the African coastline, what do a few kms here or there matter? I look forward to following them both in the coming months and hope you are rewarded with a long data series. Best wishes - Chris

  2. Hay all...
    Thanks Dr. Mike for the invetation..
    its realy an excellent idea..
    i was wondring about the meaning of "Sheba"?
    i know Sinbad but whate is Sheba??
    if am saying it correct than it means the old man in arabic??

  3. Hi Waheed<

    Sheba was a kingdom in the area of Yemen and Ethiopia. In common English usage the Queen of Sheba is linked to beauty : ملكة سبأ‎

  4. Now that you ask Waheed I have looked up in Wikipedia. Seems like the queen of Sheba was mentioned in the Koran and had a bird connection (with Hoopoe or Hud-hud). Certainly, the sooty falcons love to eat hoopoes!

  5. hi...
    now i've got it...
    alright than the connection is clear..
    it is a "predator-prey" connection

  6. Yes, I sure hope our sheba is a good hunter